Sunday, March 25, 2012

American Apparel Overhaul!!

One of my truly favorite polish lines is by the clothing store American Apparel. They have the cutest square bottles filled with edgy colors, wonderful formula and great thick even brushes. Need I say more? So I went to an American Apparel this weekend in search of something new and great to add to my collection and to my surprise they had a sale for discontinued polishes that were $1 and $3!!!! Can you say this girl was HAPPY! So here is what I got: 

From Left to Right: Mount Royal, Mac Arthur Park, Manila (much more yellow in person) and Factory Grey

From Left to Right: Dynasty, Army Jacket, Lopez Canyon (repurchase), and Cameo Blue

Rouge and Mouse

Do any of my lovely readers have these already and if so which one is your favorite?


  1. You must take me nail polish shopping with u when u go lol!! Those are some pretty polishes at a great price

    1. Lo'Real it's my pleasure. I typically go spur of the moment when there is a sale and just stock up. The American Apparel I always buy 3 at a time because they're 3 for $15 and then they always have a few that are $1-$2 each. Great buys for great staple colors. Email me your number and I'll call you next time I go.