Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sticks N Stones - Cover Brand

Oh. My. Jesus! It's finally here! My very own bottle of Sticks N Stones by Cover Brand. What's the big deal you say? Well I'm not even going to explain my excitement when I saw this in the mail. I literally screamed with joy since this nail polish sells out so fast: 

I can't say enough about the customer service on Ninja Polish I was spazzing out while making the order and I emailed Rhoni and she was right there responding to my  concerns via email. The package came within 5 days of when I placed my order.

My stupid camera doesn't capture the awesomeness but you get the point. 

I love the touch of blue and green glitter. So subtle but it breaks up the black and white. 
I couldn't wait to swatch this so I put it over my 4-day old mani. This is Rimmel Marine Blue as the base. 

Here it's paired with Eva Powder Blue

Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?


  1. Ooooo that looks so neat! Very unique!

  2. I love it with the teal/blue. And I can so see why you were excited to get this polish too.

  3. Yay for you! I'ts beautiful over blue...well I'm saying it because I ♥ blue :D

  4. Goooorgeous! I may need to scoop this one up.

  5. I love it. Looks amazing...

  6. I am really feeling the glitter!! Lately I have become addicted to glitter polish, and this is another must have!!