Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dazzle Dry

My mother told me about this new drying system called Dazzle Dry that she saw on the Today Show. Being a nail tech for 25+ years she has tried it all and has her own preferences for base and top coats, but she decided to give this a try. She gave me a beginner kit that contains the base coat, top coat and nail prep. I used the Dazzle Dry polish remover to take off my Milani Mani and it did the job of taking off all that glitter surprisingly well! My nails were moisturized afterwards but not overly so. Basecoat goes on smooth and dries quick and the top coat the same. I used OPI Bronzed to Perfection in between and could not be happier with the results of  how fast it dried. Definite must have! Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Artificial Light above and Natural Light below

Milani Beach Front and Jewel Fix Hot Pink Mani

I was lucky enough to win the Milani kit at the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up and it came with tons of great makeup and 29 bottles of polish! Oh Happy Day! Here is a combination my husband suggested to coordinate with my toes. :) Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

This is Milani Beach Front with Jewel Fix in Hot Pink. The Jewel Fix is thick and not too hard to apply. I dabbed the brush in certain bald spots to get the glitter more evenly spread. This mani lasted only 1 day as I was getting overwhelmed by the glitter

On my toes is Loreal: Violet Vixen. Great formula and so pretty in natural light. 

Here it is in artificial light. 

American Apparel Overhaul!!

One of my truly favorite polish lines is by the clothing store American Apparel. They have the cutest square bottles filled with edgy colors, wonderful formula and great thick even brushes. Need I say more? So I went to an American Apparel this weekend in search of something new and great to add to my collection and to my surprise they had a sale for discontinued polishes that were $1 and $3!!!! Can you say this girl was HAPPY! So here is what I got: 

From Left to Right: Mount Royal, Mac Arthur Park, Manila (much more yellow in person) and Factory Grey

From Left to Right: Dynasty, Army Jacket, Lopez Canyon (repurchase), and Cameo Blue

Rouge and Mouse

Do any of my lovely readers have these already and if so which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Know Jack About...

I can't remember the last time I played any kind of getting to know you game or survey. This one came from one of the wonderful Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida Nifty Ba and I'm so glad she tagged me because she asked some great questions. I like the concept of her blog and I admire how she shares so much of herself with her readers each day. So here goes: 

The Rules
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.
4. Email the person to let them know that they’ve been tagged.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag. 

11 Questions from Nifty Ba (Alicia Villarama)
1. What was your Outfit of the Day? Jeans and company logo t-shirt with grey converse. It was spirit day and we had to represent the company. 
2. What was the last thing you broke? a pair of wooden carved earrings from Bali that my mom bought me. I was so mad! but thank God for crazy glue and a steady hand. 
3. Do you have a custom ringtone on your cell phone? I used to have a different one for everyone who called me but for the past 2 years I've been hooked on the theme song to Sanford and Son.
4. Are you named after anyone? Unfortunately no. My parents really thought they were having a boy so the day I was born my dad went to the gift shop in the hospital and bought a baby name book and a dress and they picked my name based on my astrological sign...
5. What was the last thing you were complimented about? probably my hair, that's what people compliment me most on. 
6. What has been the farthest you’ve travelled? Paris, France. 
7. What does your umbrella look like? Green and tan stripes. So boring, but just the right size. 
8. Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure meal, treat, or restaurant? I have too many guilty pleasures to name when it comes to food. Right now it's coconut flan and next week it might be the crunchy asparagus roll from Izziban Sushi, it all depends on my mood. 
9. What is your most prized makeup possession? I'm not attached to any piece of my makeup and I can't really say I love anything so much in my collection :( Probably the new NYX Illuminating Bronzer I got at the blogger meet. I've never used something like that before and I love how it makes my skin glow. 
10. What is your most prized possession (non-makeup related)? I have too many to name. I'll pick the top 3: my engagement ring which has major sentimental value and is tied to my grandmother, an album of my first dog Marley who passed away suddenly, and an album of my grandmother who I was very close with . 
11. Does Zoya have a nail polish with your name on it? OMG I freakin' wish! My name never appears on anything! 

I'm tagging the following people: 
Alyssa of Pretty Little Bottles
Kari of Once Bitten
Leslie of Cherubic
Catherine of Beauty by Cat
Kimberly of Libby’s Pink Vanity
Brittany of Clumps of Mascara
Rhonda of Nails Beautiqued
Pamela of Pamela’s Closet
Deborah of DeborahYanni
Cristina of Let Them Have Polish
Toni of ToniizBeauty 

My Questions to the ladies are
1. If you could name yourself something other than your birth name what would it be and why?
2. When you were 5 years old what did you want to be?
3. Pick a song that you could hear over and over again for the rest of your life without getting tired of it.
4. What 3 things could you not survive without on a deserted island?
5. What article of clothing or makeup do you most identify with based on your personality?
6. What was the best day of your life?
7. If you could meet your favorite celebrity/actor/actress (dead or alive) what would you say to them?
8. What do you know you for certain that you're good at?
9. If someone told you 10 years ago your life (activities, interests, accomplishments, etc) would be what it is now, would you believe them?
10. What is your favorite place and why?
11. Fill in the blank: I feel most alive when ________

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jamberry Nails

Last night I went to a Jamberry Nail Party by Angie. This is another product which is going to take the nail polish community by storm. This is not just your average nail shield, these are heat activated, no chip, no smudging, crisp, clean and creatively designed nail shields. As much as I like the Kiss Nail Dress and Sally Hansen Nail Effects I think these designs are better than both of the previous mentioned products. Jamberry Nails are fairly easy to apply if your nail beds are fairly flat. I had some trouble with the sides of mine wrinkling because of how curved my nails are, but with practice I'm sure I will get them perfect! I used them on just my pointer and pinky fingers to start and added more designs to my other nails. Here is how the strip comes:

The best thing about the strips is that they don't try out and you can use one strip for two nails
 From left to right: BTouch: Steal Your Heart, Milani: White on the Spot, Milani Jewel Fx: Teal, Milani Nai; Art: Black Sketch

Picture above is in natural light, below is artificial light

  See my wrinkles on the side :( I'll get it better with more practice. Please excuse the dry cuticles.

St. Patty's Day Mani

I was inspired to create a St. Patty mani with my dotting tools that I have not used as of yet. My cousin sent me a picture of her manicure which featured this cool dot design using alternate colors. I was so surprised at how easy the dotting tool was to use. Definitely will incorporate into my future manis. For the thumbs I used Jade: Sparkle Emerald and I caked it on as best I could but still didn't get the coverage I wanted. I should have used a different base color. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Orly: Wandering Vine, Milani: White on the Spot,  OPI: Jade is the New Black, OPI: Mermaid Tears, Jade: Sparkling Emerald

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!!

I'm so excited to be going to the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers event today on I-Drive. Clumps Of Mascara founder Brittany Minor is hosting this spectacular  meeting with various Central Florida Beauty Bloggers. From nail polish to mascara and all beauty in between she has put together an eclectic group of women designed to inspire, share, motivate, and encourage the love of beauty and self expression. As a new blogger I can hardly wait to meet these ladies who are in full swing with their blogs and have created a large following. I was inspired to take an inventory of my growing collection. So far I have 303 nail polish beauties and here they are:

Here are the selected few that I am bringing to the meet to share with the ladies.

More pics of the actual event to follow. :)

So the event was awesome and I was able to connect with so many wonderful women. I can't say enough about how special I felt by the warm welcome I received from complete strangers. All because of my blog hero Cristina Foster of Let Them Have Polish who posted about the event. I was able to meet her and pick her brain and she is just as wonderful as her blog. Here we are: 

That's me on the left :) and Cristina :))))

The other highlight of the meet for me was connecting with Maria of Cult Nails. Talk about inspiration!!! This woman was able to launch a nail polish line from scratch within 3 years and the business is successful enough that she recently quit her day job. Way to turn a hobby into a money making business. One day I hope to launch my own polish line, and Maria was helpful with her insight and encouraging words. Here we are: 

The other highlight of the meet were all the samples, makeup and nail polish I came away with . Since this was my first meet, I didn't know how the swapping worked. I thought we would be polishing eachohters nails and swapping polishes like men do baseball cards. "I'll trade you my American Apparel Lopez Canyon for your Sparitual Sacred Ground". When they told me you just dig and grab, I thought I died and went to heaven! I had nothing compared to the collections these ladies have so I was beyond thrilled! To top it off I won a Milani gift bag with 29 more polishes and tons of makeup. It was a really great day.