Saturday, July 28, 2012

Milani Ombre

I've been seeing so many beautiful ombres this summer and decided to do one myself. I was about to do one with orange shades and then I realized I had a few pretty pinks from Milani that I could put together and I normally don't wear pink so it was an obvious decision. The formula of Milani polishes is one of the best I have used. Not one single polish I have of theirs disappoints. Very creamy, consistent, with plenty of coverage. Here is my pink ombre: Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Bottle pictured above is Milani "Juno"

Bottle featured above is Milani "Pink & Proper"

Bottle featured above is Milani "Fast Fuchsia" 

From L-R: A Rose Mylady, Juno, U Pinky Swear, Pink & Proper, Fast Fuchsia

Del Sol Color Changing Polish

I was fortunate enough to get a free bottle of Del Sol outdoor color Peek A Boo during the second bloggers meet a few months ago when Del Sol was one of the sponsors. Del Sol is a color changing polish line which changes in the sun. The color change is noticeable and happens pretty quickly as soon as the nails are exposed to the sun. When back under artificial light or in the shade the effect fades away. Years ago my mother bought me a Del Sol beach bag which had the same effect. There was a sun design on the side of the bag and it appeared clear to the naked eye and then appeared in color when the sun hit it. Pretty cool :) . The bottle I have was a clear so it can be applied to any color. I was really enjoying the last manicure with the rhinestones that I decided to apply a coat of Del Sol to see how it would change. Here are the results: Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

The color change is evident in the picture below. The color turns into a deep peach. The color above is the bottle outside of the sun in the flesh/clear tone.  The effect on the polish is Teal to Forest Green.

B Totally Teal

A few months ago I went on a little haul at Payless Shoe Source because I heard that they were carrying a couple of lines of polishes and the colors were....well decent enough. So I went and walked out with about 5-7 shades. The first color I tried was on my toes and featured in this post
I was not so impressed with the formula in the S*X*Y nail polish but this color Totally Teal was better. The line is simply "B" nothing else. It was more of a green than teal and went on easily with two coats. I then added some teardrop shaped studs I had to make it a little more festive. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

In the photo below it looks more teal under this light and in the pic above it appears more green. 

Nameless Bonita

Hi Ladies,

So sorry I've been absent for so long. School is so demanding and for the past few days I've been fighting a nasty cold. I've had little time to sit and reflect on polish, but I have a few new things to share. Hopefully as I feel better I will start to branch out to new techniques. I'm still working through my Summer drawer in my helmer which includes colors such as this beauty by Bonita. I got it in a set at Ross and it really impressed. Formula was good and the consistency was there. I was disappointed that it had no name though, that's part of the fun of nail polish and also how we separate them. So this will be the nameless Bonita. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Friday, July 13, 2012

What a disappointment....

I've been trying to get through my Helmer drawer of Summer colors. I have so many that I've never used and despite the fact that my Autumn colors are calling me and the glitter drawer has been distracting, I'm committed to swatching the rest of the Summer drawer by the end of August.

Unfortunately today's post will feature two colors that I was not impressed with. The formula in both left plenty to be desired. The first is Pure Ice Twinkle:

After three coats of this thin polish you can still see the nail line. This color is not even good enough to do a jelly sandwich with because it doesn't spread evenly. I fell in love with this peach gold shimmer in a bottle, but the application was a chore. 

The second color is a purple/fuchsia neon with fuchsia and blue glitter. Here is China Glaze's Flying Dragon (neon) 

Maybe I should have put this over a white base, I don't know if that would have helped this CRAPPY formula. I shook the bottle I don't know how many times throughout the application and each time the top of the bottle would show signs of separation. The glitter sunk to the bottle and didn't surface when I polished.The polish didn't lay evenly as I polish, even though I tried to minimize my strokes. As you can see my tips were wearing after just 1 day. It's more like a grape color versus a neon. I will be putting this in my giveaway pile, so disappointed. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

This is only my favorite holiday in the entire year next to Thanksgiving. Really and truly it is. I love fireworks too much for my old age, and its the only holiday in the summer where everyone gets out and celebrates together. There are no politics about which family members house you are going to this year, or fake pretenses, just good old American fun. It's not commercialized the same as Christmas and Valentines Day, AND it represents the independence of our great country! So yes I love this holiday and look forward to it all year.

Today I decided to do just alternate base colors with a glitter I got from Icing back in May. I didn't want to obsess over making perfect stars and stripes and I wanted a confetti look. Here it is:

The colors I used were Milani Rapid Cherry, Milani White on the Spot and the blue has no name or brand. I got it from my local nail supply store in the clearance bin. I think I'm going to throw it out because it smelled awful and stained my cuticles. God only knows the chemicals in there. It was a 1 coater for sure and it dried in 2 nano seconds (it seemed) and the color is beautiful, but I won't take the chance thta it has some foul chemicals.  


The glitter on top is Icing Patriotic Princess. It has holo stars which I love, and although thick in consistency like most glitter polishes, it was easy to apply and place the glitter. Plenty of stars too!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Essie and China Glaze

I have been spending a ridiculous amount of money on polish in the last few months. I haven't even added it up because to be honest I don't want to know how much I spend and it will spoil the love I have for all my beautiful bottles of magic. I could be addicted to worse I suppose, and I'm not going into debt over it so I feel I'm safe.

So on one of my many polish hauls I got China Glaze Ray-Diant from the Prisms collection and Essie Braziliant. While creating a combo for this manicure I was thinking to do something that was bright and glitzy. Essie Braziliant reminds me of Brazilian people (warm, fun, inviting, lively, fun) and the spirit of the country itself (although I've never been but know from Brazilian friends of mine). The base is a tangerine orange and there is a pink iridescent which is my favorite part. China Glaze's Ray-Diant from the Prisms collection is glitz in a bottle, It has a silver base, goes on in 1 coat smooth and even. I can identify 2 different shapes of glitter.The smaller sized glitter are silver in color and the rest are varied pink, blue, orange, and green. These stand out to give the polish a  prism effect. I love both of these together and they captured the look I was going for. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

 The picture below captures the pink iridescent of the Essie Braziliant

The picture below shows the prism effect with the colored glitter standing out on the silver based glitter. 

Sally Hansen Love Letter

The last post that I did was about Cult Nails Let Them Fly. An absolutely beautiful one-coater with plenty of personality and presence on it's own. This color I loved so much that I left it on until the edges started to wear and finally the first few nails started to chip. This happened only because I have been doing way too many projects and housework without gloves. So in order to continue to enjoy this color I decided to add the Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in Love Letter to the middle of the nail. This particular Salon Effects was intended for my wedding anniversary, but I forgot the plan and opted for something else. I liked this pattern because of the cursive writing which looked like and old manuscript. They were much easier to apply on top of existing polish then the naked nail. I think next time I use them I will apply a base coat. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?