Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aphrodite Lacquer

     Lately there are few over the counter polishes that get me excited. OPI seems to recycle the same metallic red, blues and purples all year round with a few gems here and there. China Glaze's formula is becoming suspect and Butter London with all their fanciness is getting too expensive for me. Don't get me wrong there are lines like Loreal that have been pretty impressive lately and I appreciate Maybelline's attempt at trying to put out some glitter bombs, but I wanted to support more Indie labels.
      So I picked up Aphrodite Lacquer's "Don't Copy Me" because I only had 1 other black and white glitter. Such a simple black and white glitter in a milky pearly base I had to have it! I layered it over Loreal "Tea and Crumpets". I was not so impressed with either formula to be honest. Loreal's Tea and Crumpets was streaky and Aphrodite's Lacquer was hard to apply evenly with the squares being so elusive. I left the bottle upside down and shook it before each application but I could barely get the squares out. Even with all the trouble I still like out how it turned out. I think next time I will use the Aphrodite Lacquer on it's own. Maybe with a little bit of thinner and a balister ball it will mix better.

Essie School of Hard Rocks & OPI The Living Daylights

I started hauling more glitter because I felt like my collection was lacking in that area. So I picked up a few polishes from the new OPI Skyfall 007 collection. I was trying to think of a way to use this glitter that has not already been done. Many people just put it over one of the other colors in the collection, or bejeweled one nail or used it in a gradient. So i figured I would use OPI The Living Daylights as a french tip color instead. I have had Essie School of Hard Rocks for some time now and never used it before. It's such a beautiful color in it's dusty periwinkle blue/gray. The formula was thin but consistent and opaque enough in 2 coats. OPI The Living Day Lights is a multicolored hexagon shaped glitter in a clear base. Although a little thick, it was very easy to spread and I achieved the look I was going for with little effort.


Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Autumn Stripes

I love stripes but I don't have the patience it takes to make them perfectly straight like I prefer so I don't do them often. That is until I got my manicure tape from China. It took about 2 weeks and I got about 10 rolls for just a couple of dollars and no shipping. Pretty good deal if you ask me. So I chose to use Essie True Love again for the base and the following colors: OPI Chopsticking to My Story, China Glaze Trendsetter, Orly Sapphire Silk, and OPI Louvre me Louvre me Not. I wore this manicure for a whole week and that's along time for me lol. I almost added a black stripe over the top of all the stripes to give a framed looked but decided against it. I figured less is more.

 Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Loreal Gradient

    Your Nail Polish Therapist has been hauling polishes for weeks now but had no time to blog. Work, school and volunteering have be so busy, I have no energy to sit in front of a computer more than I already have to with work and school. So until my school load slows down I've decided to blog once a month and do about 3-4 posts. I appreciate all of you following me and hope you've enjoyed my posts thus far.
     This post features my first gradient. No I'm not on the cutting edge and there have been many gradients done but this girl didn't  have the right sponge and wanted to make sure it was great before posting. So for this manicure I used Loreal The Queen's Ambition and Sparklicous. These are two beautiful glitters that compliment each other well. For the base of the nail I used Essie True Love. Walgreens was having a sale on Loreal a few weeks ago so I picked up a few beauties. I have to say that I'm impressed with the formula on both of these and the amount of even coverage it provided.

Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?