Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I love glitter. I've grown to love it more that I have discovered some wonderful Indie lines and the power of white felt and acetone. Now it's not such a chore to take off so I'm not intimidated to use it in most of my manicures. For this manicure I wanted to try the swoop design for just  touch of glitter. The blue I chose was from American Apparel American Denim and it's a really creamy sky blue. The glitter was from the OPI Ballet collection called Pirouette My Whistle. This glitter is so soft and subtle; when paired with a light color it adds the right amount of bling without taking away from the color. I think I will try this design with a different color combination that is more bold to see the effect. I enjoyed the glitter side and non-glitter side of the nail as well. It's a great way to enjoy two colors at the same time. What are your thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Vintage yet Modern

This year my husband and I decorated the house in lights, and put up some fuss in the house in the way of decorations. Unfortunately we didn't get to partake in so many Christmas parties as we'd hoped. Our neighbors invited us over for a viewing in their backyard of It's a Wonderful Life. It was our first time going there for a social event and I wanted to make a good impression. So I set out to make a vintage yet modern Christmas tree art. I used Julep: Glen for most of the nails and then Cynthia Crowley for the accent nails. Both of these colors are absolutely glorious. The formula was great and dried super fast. My only complaint was that the Cynthia Crowley (green color with no name) was HORRIBLE to take off. Stained my nails something awful. The other colors I used on the tree and snow were: American Apparel Galaxy, OPI Golden Eye, Milani Black Sketch, Revlon Calla Lily. The shape of the tree was modern to me and the overall look with the OPI Golden Eye added a vintage touch. What are your thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Christmas Triple French

Merry Belated Christmas! Your Nail Polish Therapist has been hard at work and doing some festive manicures. The collection is expanding and thanks to my wonderful husband I have another Helmer to grow into. He's so thoughtful and knows just what I need. It's probably my favorite gift of all the ones I received. This first manicure I created for my love of the french. I don't do it as much as I used to and figured it would be a good time to come up with a Christmas version of this classic nail design. The base color is Love & Beauty Vanilla, the gold stripe is LA Colors Art Deco 24K Glitter, then Pure Ice: All Nighter and the last stripe is Pure Ice: Femme Fatale (from the suede collection). I used these colors because together they looked vintage to me like an old Christmas ornament. I was pretty happy with how neat it came out. What do are your thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Penelope Luz Giveaway

Hello wonderful followers :)

Today's post is a little different from the norm. I'm trying to win a prize, and it's a big one. Penelope Luz is a Brazilian nail polish blogger and indie polish creator. She doesn't sell her polishes directly in the US but sometimes sends shipments to the Brazilian stores in the states. So basically unless you have a swap with her or have a connection with someone in Brazil then it's pretty difficult to get her polishes. This Christmas she is having a huge giveaway and this girl wants to win. Click here to find out more details about the contest. Although the page is in Portuguese you can translate it by using Google Chrome and get the jist of the contest. Good luck to all who enter, but really good luck to me! lol

Stay tuned this weekend for my Christmas manicures.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

OPI Don't Pretxel My Buttons and Fanchromatic Stealing From Charity

        The next company I bought from on Cyber Week was Fanchromatic Nails. They are another Indie polish line that I discovered from Chalkboard Nails. She was wearing Between Two Worlds and Pack of Freaks and they were both so unique to my collection I had to have them. In addition to those I also purchased 3 minis of Heart of Gold (which is similar to Between Two Worlds), Dire Wolf, and Stealing From Charity. I wish now that I had purchased a big bottle of Stealing From Charity because it's really a gem. I got this one particularly to accent a nude color. With all the dark colors I was wearing I wanted to do something soft and feminine.
         I started with OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons which turned out to be another great nude in my collection that I didn't know I would like so much. Then I added Stealing From Charity in a V-shape at the tips. This is a great rose gold with small and large gold round glitter. It went on pretty easily and was full opaque in 2 coats. So I decided I have to use this sparingly since it's only a mini. I would repurchase from this company as well because the colors are unique and the quality of the polishes are great as well. Stay tuned for future posts with Between Two Worlds and Pack of Freaks. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

My Ten Friends Dirtball

        The second company I purchased from during Cyber Week was My Ten Friends. I heard about them from Chalkboard Nails and I fell in love with Dirtball. The color was so unique and I love the combination of brown and turquiose which are two of my favorite colors. With Dirtball I also purchased: Carbon Based Life, Pew!Pew!Pew! and Clusterfrak. The owner of the shop contacted me before shipping my order to let me know there was a problem with the XL hexes in 2 of the colors that I order and was nice enough to give me the choice of what I wanted to do with those two polishes.
        Good thing for me Dirtball was not affected. Because of the excellent communication and customer service I would definitely repurchase and to say nothing of the polishes, they are truly must haves. Dirtball made me gasp, and I don't do that with many polishes. Application was a dream and I could not get over how GORGEOUS the combination of glitter with the light brown base was against my skin. I could not stop staring at my nails and I almost put on a third coat but you really don't need too. I enjoyed this polish thoroughly and can easily say it is one of my top 5 fav of all time. It's the turquoise hex glitter with the silver and copper glitter together in the brown base that make this so special. I'm so happy to have it and I hope you'll like it too. Thoughts?Feelings? Concerns?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pahlish Sitting In a Tin Can

           On Black Friday I did not partake in the mayhem that many people in this country do for the sake of a good deal. I was however planning my Cyber Monday shopping with the various Indie polish companies that had great deals. One of the companies who was having a sale was Pahlish and from them I purchased Sitting In a Tin Can and Dark Parades. Their polishes are sold on Etsy and are between $7-$9 per bottle.
           Sitting In a Tin Can is a grey (barely) jelly base with a chock load of multi-shaped white, black and holo glitter. My favorite parts of the polish were the color and the diamond shaped glitter. This polish was fun to apply because with every single swipe there was a lot of glitter that came out. I hate fishing for the cool pieces in a bottle of glitter and this was not the case with this polish. I used 3 coats because I wanted an opaque layered look. I enjoy building the glitter and making some of them look like they're buried or peeking out from under the base. The only thing with this polish, as with many glitter heavy polishes, is that it got very thick after the second coat. Over all it's a great polish and I would repurchase from them since the shipping was fast and I had no major problems with the application as I have with other Indie polishes. Stay tuned for Dark Parades in a future post. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Loreal Downtown Chic and The Temptress' Power

         While walking with my husband and our dogs to the local Walgreens to get a Redbox, I was lucky enough to catch a great sale on Loreal polishes. I think at the time it was a BOGO or a buy one get one free and I went to town. I got Downtown Chic and The Temptress' Power among many others I hauled that night.
          Downtown Chic is a creme chocolate brown. Great formula and easily covered in 2 coats. I added The Temptress' Power thinking it was going to be a very subtle accept to the brown but it changed the look of  Downtown Chic completely. I should have taken a video of this because this combination looked like oil slick to me.
         The Temptress' Power is a caramel based thin polish with emerald green shimmer that almost has a holo look. It can be considered a "topper" to enhance any other color but on it's own just as pretty. The green was prominent on the brown Downtown Chic so it didn't have the subtle effect I wanted but it was cool nonetheless so I left it on for a few days.

Anise Love Elixir

There is a line of nail polish that I can only find in DSW and I have not seen it carried in any other store in my area. It's called Anise and the colors are gorgeous! I have a lot from this line but I haven't used them in a long time. So going back in to my Fall drawer I took out this beauty called Love Elixir. A beautiful purple with slight silver shimmer, and a hint of frost. I decided to mattify it and gloss the tips like I did in this manicure. The formula as most all Anise colors was just right, with easy consistent application. No complaints here. What you see is 2 coats of Love Elixir 2 coats of Butter London Matte Top coat and 1 coat of Seche Vete on the tips. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

Fall Inspired Dots

My husband was saying to me: Sweetie you have so many fall colors you haven't used, why don't you wear more Fall colors in the Fall? So I dug deep for a couple old Fall colors I had never worn and came up with American Apparel McArther Park and Risk (with no name).
          McArthur Park is like a perfect avocado color and the formula is so awesome. American Apparel makes great creme opaque colors that go on with 2 easy coats, and this was no exception. I could have been fine with 1 coat but I wanted to be sure I didn't have any bald spots. I added dots with Essie Structured, China Glaze Kalahari Kiss and Risk (with no name) for a little pizzazz. I'm happy with how the accent name came out but not so much with the other nails. You'll notice tip wear on the other nails and that's because the formula of Risk (with no name) was so thin. It reminds me of Essie nail polish, and even with two coats I barely was able to cover the way I wanted. I left it that way because I was tired when I did my nails that day and I liked the color I have since given Risk (with no name) away to a coworker who loved it. Here it is. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

OPI Suzi Says Da! and Pure Ice Meet Me In Monaco

           Get ready for Decembers posts! I've got a few gems coming up that I think you're really going to like. For those of you who know me personally, you know that I have been doing some serious hauling of nail polish in the last couple of months So much so that I had to put MYSELF on restriction and made a vow not to buy another single bottle of polish until the New Year. That's not that long, but during the holiday season with all the sales going on...that's a big deal for this nail polish addict. Anywho! For the rest of the month you will see posts on some of the new polishes I've acquired and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
             First up is OPI Suzi Says Da! (old) and Pure Ice Meet Me in Monaco (new). I was disappointed in Suzi Says Da! because it's so dark it looks black in most lighting but should be a dark chocolate. Pure Ice Meet Me in Monaco was great though. I scored with this one and only $1.99 at my local Walmart. It has multi sized cooper glitter in a black jelly, and is easily opaque in 2 coats. The glitter was not too chunky and spread evenly with ease. Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?